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+ness Wellness is a resource integration community platform that helps everyone achieve an ideal life and promote balance of body and mind. We gather people who have a consensus and resonate with each other to share and communicate with each other and promote a fulfilling lifestyle, advocating self-love and helping self-growth The place.

Modern urbanites pay more and more attention to the health of the body. They use diet or exercise to increase the body's resistance, but they often ignore the importance of having a healthy mind. Even if they understand that their heart needs external power, they don't know it. Where to start looking for help, so +ness Wellness hopes to take this opportunity as a resource integration platform that combines "body" and "spirit" to promote this culture together.

In recent years, there have been more and more different types of body and mind workshops in Taiwan. Therefore, the establishment of the +ness Wellness platform aims to gather all kinds of body and mind mentors and experts to cooperate with each other and gather everyone's strength to promote different types of workshops. A healthy lifestyle, working hand in hand to promote the importance of a balance of body and mind, so that everyone in the society can benefit and achieve a state of perfect balance physically, mentally and socially.

Peace and freedom of body and mind are the foundation of creating a better life. I hope that through +ness Wellness, everyone can find a healthy life that suits them, find balance and happiness. Gather people who resonate with us to share and promote the balance of body and mind, create infinite possibilities, usher in a better life, and make the world a better place.

We will see you soon, stay tuned

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