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Almazonia Linda

Almazonia Linda

Monochord Sound Therapist/Teacher and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and Teacher

A vessel of universal healing. Here to illuminate the truth, beauty and love within you.


Almazonia Lin, a true believer in life's harmonies, uncovered her passion for sound therapy through the mesmerizing melodies of the monochord—a gift attributed to Pythagoras himself. Immersed in the art, she dedicated years to mastering this sacred instrument, now employing its resonant power for healing. Through workshops, sound baths, and therapy sessions, she shares its wonders, inviting others on a journey of sonic rejuvenation.

With heartfelt dedication, Almazonia designs, crafts, and shares the Fushin Monochord, a symbol of pride from Taiwan. Collaborating with local artisans, she infuses love and support back into the community, crafting each instrument as a portable marvel, beckoning all to embrace its enchantment at home.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Almazonia offers soul-nourishing cacao ceremonies, guiding participants to explore the depths of their hearts for transformative experiences. Through facilitator training, workshops, and ceremonies, she extends the invitation to those drawn to the healing potential of this sacred plant medicine, empowering them to integrate its wisdom into their lives and communities.

Professional license

‣ Monochord bed and Body monochord Training with German Sound therapist and teacher Czongor Kolce and American Meditation Teacher and Buddhist Pia Giammasi
‣ 120hr Cacao Facilitator Training with Lola Malaika
‣ Shamanic Cacao Training Facilitator with Wilka Suyyu

Courses Offered

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