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Focus on What you love.

Let us take care of the rest.

GROW your Wellness brand with +ness


Focus on what your passion about and leave the rest to us

Let +ness help you grow

Professional resume, personal brand introduction, and experience course reservation page for teachers

Unlock Your Body, Mind, and Wellness Community Skills


Advantages of +ness

Why join + ness?

The purpose of +ness is to build a wellness alliance, a platform of wellness resources, focusing on people's physical, mental health, and personal growth, working with the best coaches, experts, and business communities to reach for better wellness.

+ness provides a mutually beneficial cooperation model and convenient platform functions, allowing you, an expert in the wellness industry, to freely establish a brand here, provide high-quality courses, experiences, and services, and open up new opportunities and sources of customers.


Personal professional field to build a teacher brand

Regardless of the level of qualifications, +ness will create a professional resume and personal introduction for you, allowing you to fully present your personal characteristics, professional side and services provided, and create your own personal brand.


Receiving praise on high-quality platforms to create a win-win situation

+ness provides the highest quality wellness resource integration platform in the Asia market. Through the familiarity of customer needs and feedback, combined with service and experience, it can enhance the overall value and quality of the teacher's brand, accumulate fans, and continue to create high popularity!


Personal professional field to build a teacher brand

Through +ness platform, you can flexibly manage working hours, can host both online and physical experiences, cooperate with other experts and teachers on the platform to increase interaction between teachers and students to create unlimited potential.


Platform cooperation model

New Partner Program

We value every partner and provide a sound mutually beneficial development plan. If you want to know more about +ness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How to join as a platform coach or merchant?

Fill in the info

Provide a team

Audit Notice

After the +ness platform is officially launched, you will fill in the basic information, qualification profile, professional licenses, and other application materials, submit them to the +ness team for review, and issue a result notice about the required working days announced at that time.


If you can’t wait to join us, you can provide your information in this form to help us through testing and interviews before the launch of the platform to create features that best meet actual needs, and prioritize to be the top of the platform when +ness is officially launched coaches or businesses!

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