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About ness
Find your personal wellness journey

Wellness for every one. 


We believe that wellness is living a fulfilling and meaningful life, with space to not only grow, but to thrive, and to make a positive impact on those around you while doing so.

At ness, we...

Understand that each person defines wellness differently.

Curate experiences suitable for every one, regardless of where you are on your wellness journey.


Empower businesses to take care of their employees as "whole-beings" with needs inside and outside the workplace.

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A Wellness Alliance

We see wellness as an alliance. An alliance of our mind, body and soul, but also an alliance of people, spaces and purposes all coming together towards a more wholesome you. 


+ ness is a resource, platform and community bringing together like-minded individuals, collectively promoting wellness, self-care and self-growth.

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found in ness
the way that suits you

+ness is the first platform in Taiwan to integrate wellness both physical and mental health resources with the concept of "Wellness Alliance"


Here, you can book high-quality courses and experiences selected by the +ness team for warm interaction and learning.

Find your own ness,

start with +ness!


Find the ness that suits and belongs to you through different types of content and experiences on the +ness platform.

make an appointment

Want to know the content and experience? Through the teacher's introduction, certification, experience introduction and evaluation on the platform, and through a few simple steps, it is easy to complete the online payment and complete the reservation!


Once you receive your booking confirmation, you will also receive a reminder before the event starts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact +ness customer service team.

ness brand story

Modern urbanites pay more and more attention to physical health. People know that diet and exercise should be used to increase physical resistance.

It is often overlooked how important it is to have a healthy mind.


In recent years, there have been more and more different types of body and mind workshops in Taiwan. Even if you understand that your heart needs help,

With so many options, it is difficult to decide which direction to pursue.


Therefore, ness Wellness hopes to take this opportunity to create a health resource integration platform that combines "body" and "spirit",

Gather people who resonate with us to share and communicate, promote a successful life style, and help people embrace a better life.

Make this world a better place.


ness platform features

Gather various types of teachers and experts of body and mind, and gather everyone's strength,

Work together to promote the importance of healthy living and balance of mind and body, so that everyone can achieve physical,

A well-balanced state of spirituality and social adaptation.

Peace and freedom of body and mind is the first step in creating a better life.

Let +ness Wellness accompany you to find your own healthy life, find life balance and happiness,

Create infinite possibilities for life.

Featured Bespoke Experiences

Each expert is carefully selected by the +ness team, hoping to provide you with the best quality experience.

We also provide teacher training courses, you are welcome to study in-depth and join ness family!

Qualifications and Certification

In addition to the experience itself, experts are our core. Therefore, +ness is especially aware of the experience and qualifications of the teachers, so that you can understand the background, experience, and enthusiasm of the experts before the experience.

Physical and mental health +ness
all ready for you

Finding your own wellness balance is addicting, and after any experience, you start wanting to try others. +ness collects all types of unique experiences to help you learn more about yourself!

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