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Breathwork for Stress
Raymond Ko
Breath Coach | Free Diving Instructor

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(Full Course) Those dealing with stress, sleep issues and anxiety.

​Course Introduction


NTD$ 5000


2小時 (4堂, 0.5 小時/堂)

There are many ways to deal with stress, to relax and calm down. But breathwork is by far the simplest And it is so easy to learn. In this course you will learn about three categories of breathing and when to apply them. We use simplify things by naming the categories with easy terms to remember and not Sanskrit words like in a traditional pranayama practice. We will go into detail of the science and physiology of breathing and how that can positively affect your nervous system.

Terms of Service

Fee includes

- Four 30 min one-on-one sessions including guided breathwork, lectures and Q&A


*This experience only accepts reservations within 14 days after the order is paid

*Online experience on this platform is conducted by zoom or google meet, and offline experience is provided by Avenue or designated cooperative venues.

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Raymond Ko

With 20 years of experience on a trading desk in some of the busiest stock markets in Asia, Ray knows about stress. He informally taught himself breathwork exercises during this time to cope with stress and to relieve anxiety. After his career in finance ended, he became a freedive instructor where he learned the science and physiology of breathing and advanced breathwork techniques. Becoming a breathwork coach was a natural progression combining his breathwork practices and the science he learned from freediving.

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