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Certified Meditation Coach | 身心靈冥想導師

"No Mud, No Lotus" - Thich Nhat Hanh


Jessica is a Columbia University-trained maternal wellbeing educator, certified meditation coach, an intuitive guide, and mindful mama to two spirited boys! As a global citizen and Asian American, Jessica combines her Eastern roots and Western academic training to offer culturally-sensitive meditation programs for individuals and groups. As a modern woman and a mother, she implements a feminine and intuitive approach in her healing and teachings. As a fellow human being, she shares practical yet powerful science-based tools that cultivate an aligned, connected and enriching experience in the here and now! She looks forward in working with those whom feel called to her energy!

Jessica老師是哥倫比亞大學受訓的婦女心理健康教育者,認證的身心靈冥想導師,以及兩個活潑男孩的媽媽! 作為一名全球公民和亞裔美國人,Jessica將她的東方血統和西方學術培訓相結合,提供具有文化敏感度的冥想課程。 作為一個女人和一個母親,她在教學和引導的過程中,實踐陰性和直覺性的風格。作為人類同胞,她熱衷於分享實際又以科學驗證的身心靈技巧,以實現有利於集體、有意識的生活型態!

Professional license

‣ Founder of The Lotus Pond
‣ Clinical Psychology M.A. from Columbia University’s Spirituality, Mind-Body Institute
‣ Advanced Certification in Reproductive & Maternal Wellbeing from Teacher’s College.
‣ 300-H Certified Meditation Coach Training from LIBERATE with Sura Flow.
‣ Mindfulness Teachers Training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.
‣ Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 from Ayurigin with Cathy Hsu.
‣ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certification from Taiwan Mindfulness Center

Courses Offered

Build-Your-Own Meditation Circle

Build-Your-Own Meditation Circle

Customize an meditation group for your community!

1:1 Meditation Coaching (English)

1:1 Meditation Coaching (English)

Focused meditation coaching experience to dive within, explore and unblock.

Mindful Mommy Meditation (English)

Mindful Mommy Meditation (English)

FREE bimonthly online meditation circle for mommies!

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