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Laurance Chao 趙居偉

Laurance Chao 趙居偉


If you have a body, you are an athlete


Hello Everyone ! My name is Laurance Chao, I’m a Crossfitter and I am the Co - Founder of MoveWell Training Center. My passion is to work with young athletes to improve their physical performances, also to assist each individual at their own level to achieve their fitness goals. I believe everyone deserve a good health and should be happy with themselves inside and out. Fitness can be easy or difficult, but you are not alone. Hope to see you all soon! We’ll create the changes you never thought possible.

Professional license

‣ CrossFit Lv. 2 Trainer
‣ Spartan SGX Trainer
‣ CKC 臨床壺鈴 Lv. 2 Trainer
‣ IHFI 銀髮族體適能教練

Courses Offered

NTC 全身雕塑

NTC 全身雕塑


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