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infinium 引心

infinium 引心

meditation & energy healing center 冥想,能量療癒中心

你什麼都不是 你卻也是一切
You are nothing but you are also everything.



我們的目標是在市中心提供一個安全、包容、沒有批判或宗教壓力的靜心空間。該空間為預約制,在確認使用時段後,您將收到一個QR code,讓您方便自己使用空間。我們也提供多項私人和團體課程。

infinium is a multi faith meditation center, a gym for your mind to train your mindset and strengthen your mental core. We aim to provide a peaceful space in the city center that is safe, accepting, and without judgement or religious pressure. The space is by reservation only and upon confirmation of a time slot, you will receive a QR code that gives you access to the space. Practitioners can book the space by cushion/seat and use the facilities; periodic individual and group classes are also provided.


‣ 傳統的印度調息法(可追溯到公元前 5000 年)
‣ MBSR 正念冥想(基於正念的舒壓)
‣ 頌缽/音療法 私人精神治療/諮詢
‣ 私人脈輪診斷/能量療癒
‣ 私人冥想諮詢/指導
‣ 宗教和心靈論壇
‣ 光療癒

Class/therapy offerings include (but not limited to):
‣ traditional Indian Pranayama breath work (dating back to 5000 BC)
‣ MBSR mindfulness meditation (mindfulness-based stress reduction)
‣ singing bowl/sound therapy
‣ private spiritual therapy/counseling
‣ private chakra reading/energy healing
vprivate meditation counseling/guidance
‣ religious & spiritual workshops
‣ light therapy


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