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Stephanie Hoo

Qigong Practitioner | Clinical & Metaphysical Aromatherapist | Lifestyle Medicine Coach | Integrative Nutrition | Bioqr™️ Therapist | Singing Bowl Therapist


English, Indonesian

Connect to your inner healing power and discover wellness beyond boundaries. A Gracious Life awaits...

Stephanie Hoo

About Me 

Stephanie Hoo is passionate about helping clients create the lifestyle of their dreams. Stephanie's journey towards a holistic life has seen her certified in Metaphysical & Clinical Aromatherapy (NAHA & ISAMS), Applied Metaphysics, Bioqr Therapy, Qigong Practitioner, Singing Bowl Therapy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Plant Based Nutrition, Raw Food Mastery & Lifestyle Medicine Coach.

Culminating in a unique understanding of the human body, its amazing systems, and endless energy - a unique knowledge that countless clients have found life-changing; including herself as she healed naturally from a condition that defied conventional medical route.

Stephanie offers holistic coaching, wellness retreats, business and personal mentorship, corporate wellness consulting, and creating bespoke wellbeing programs for global companies. Stephanie addresses clients' health and wellness needs through holistic services combining clinical aromatherapy, Qigong exercises, nutritional guidance, restorative bodywork, and lifestyle enhancements. These unique holistic services and Stephanie’s gracious approach have assisted countless grateful clients in reversing their chronic conditions.


‣ 2013 - Applied Metaphysician ‣ 2015 - Clinical & Metaphysical Aromatherapy ‣ 2016 - NAHA Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner ‣ 2016 - Bioqr Therapy Module A 2017 - Bioqr Therapy Module B 2017 - Spinal Flow 2017 - Qigong Teacher Training - Ba Duan Jin 2019 - Plant Based Academy & Lifestyle Medicine Coach 2019 - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2019 - 200H Qigong Teacher Training 2019 - Qigong Teacher Training - Zhan Zhuang 2022 - Singing Bowl Therapy

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Stephanie Hoo

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