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  • 體驗/課程 開始前 21 日:體驗/課程費用將全額退款。

  • 體驗/課程 開始前 14 日:退回體驗/課程費用之 60%。

  • 體驗/課程 開始前   7 日:退回體驗/課程費用之 40%。

  • 體驗/課程 開始前   5 日:退回體驗/課程費用之 20%。

  • 體驗/課程 開始前   3 日:體驗/課程費用恕不退還。​


  • 線上體驗/課程 報名付款後,體驗/課程 費用恕不退還。​

若為教練商家取消活動 ​

  • 體驗/課程 費用將全額退還,不另扣除任何手續費。


  • 體驗/課程 費用將全額退還,不另扣除任何手續費。


  • 若逢強烈颱風、地震等天災,依照政府人事行政局宣佈停止上班之公告狀況,承 辦人會以簡訊與電話通知課程延期或取消。

  • 若已到達體驗現場後或行程出發後,因天氣等不可抗拒因素而取消活動,導致行程中斷,則需扣除相關衍生的車資、保險、裝備租借或其他費用後,退還剩餘費用。



a. 務必於退費申請信件中詳細說明認為課程不符合需求之原因

b. 如果我們需要你提供更多資訊,請積極配合回覆

退款通常會於 10 至 20 個工作天退還至您用於付款的信用卡。若於時限內未收到退款,請發送郵件至客服信箱,由專人為您處理。

Refund Policy


General refund instructions

If the customer voluntarily cancels the event:

General experience or course​​

  • 21 days before the experience/course: The experience fee will be refunded in full.

  • 14 days before the experience/course: 60% of the experience fee will be refunded. 

  • 7 days before the experience/course: 40% of the experience fee will be refunded.

  • 5 days before the experience/course: 20% of the experience fee will be refunded. 

  • 3 days before the experience/course: the experience fee is non-refundable.

Online experience/course:

  • Following registration and payment, the experience/course fee is non-refundable.

If the event is cancelled by the coaches or business:

  • The experience/course fee will be refunded in full without deduction of any handling fees.

If the experience is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances before the start of the experience/course:

  • In the event of severe typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters, the organizer will notify the postponement or cancellation of the course through text messages and phone calls in accordance with the announcement of the cessation of work by the Government Personnel Administration Bureau. 

  • If the event is cancelled due to weather and other force majeure factors after arriving at the experience site or after the experience, course or event has started, which causes the experience, course or event to be interrupted, the remaining expenses will be refunded after deduction of related derivative fares, insurance, equipment rental or other expenses.

How do I apply for a refund?

Please submit a valid "refund application"

Be sure to specify the reason why the course does not meet the requirements and your reason for refunding.

We may request additional information, in which case, we appreciate your timely response. 

Refunds will usually be returned to the credit card originally used for payment within 10-20 business days. If you do not receive the refund within the time frame, please send an email our customer service mailbox:, and someone will assist with you.

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