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Map Success Inside Out
Shuang-Min Chang
Achievement coach and Intuitive healer


小型課程 Small Group (<5 pax)




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Individuals who want to 1/ fast forward their career; 2/ create a lifestyle of freedom; 3/ change career or life path



price for 1-on-1: TWD 75,000
-price for group: TWD 55,000 per person



- Before the beginning, I will provide you an assessment to understand your Success Clarity level
In this program, I will guide you through
- provide you a framework and understanding of what's powerful envisioning and goal setting
- a thorough reflection and envisioning in all areas of your life
- a deep discovery of your life motivation
- a life vision that's aligned with who you are and that sets you up to achieve it from the beginning
- a outline of your next step with effective goal setting



- worksheet
- class material
- online group coaching
- 1 session of 30-min 1-on-1




Transportation, Good & Beverage, Expense in order to get online


Shuang-Min Chang

Hi, my name is Shuang-Min Chang.
I am an achievement coach and an intuitive healer.

My life journey is one of from City to The Country; from Fashion to Ocean; from
get-going to flowing.

I am 39 years old (as of 2023), born and bred Taiwanese. I sojourned in some of the
biggest cities in the world - Mumbai (Indian), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China) and
traveled extensively.

I’ve done the whole package of excelling in external achievements – straight A in school,
best university and grad school, employment in premium and big-name companies. I
had a promising career in luxury fashion retail for 10+ years and was in charge of one of
the most vibrant and fast-growing markets, China, for French and Italian brands. Good
money, good package and it should be a good life, right?

Alongside, I went through depression at age 23, nursing suicidal thoughts. I went
through the whole package – lack of self-esteem, self-sabotaging tendency, low self-worthiness and extreme loneliness, you name it.

The two strands of life journey, external achievement and internal discovery, woven into a decision to support others to create a life that’s beyond career success and societal conventional framework.

I understand how it feels like to juggle all balls of life and trying to get a sense of
worthiness and balance and the secret of your inner voice of wanting to mean for more.

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