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Shuang-Min Chang

Shuang-Min Chang

Achievement coach and Intuitive healer

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller


Hi, my name is Shuang-Min Chang.
I am an achievement coach and an intuitive healer.

My life journey is one of from City to The Country; from Fashion to Ocean; from
get-going to flowing.

I am 39 years old (as of 2023), born and bred Taiwanese. I sojourned in some of the
biggest cities in the world - Mumbai (Indian), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China) and
traveled extensively.

I’ve done the whole package of excelling in external achievements – straight A in school,
best university and grad school, employment in premium and big-name companies. I
had a promising career in luxury fashion retail for 10+ years and was in charge of one of
the most vibrant and fast-growing markets, China, for French and Italian brands. Good
money, good package and it should be a good life, right?

Alongside, I went through depression at age 23, nursing suicidal thoughts. I went
through the whole package – lack of self-esteem, self-sabotaging tendency, low self-worthiness and extreme loneliness, you name it.

The two strands of life journey, external achievement and internal discovery, woven into a decision to support others to create a life that’s beyond career success and societal conventional framework.

I understand how it feels like to juggle all balls of life and trying to get a sense of
worthiness and balance and the secret of your inner voice of wanting to mean for more.


‣Psychology Counsellor by Institute of Psychology issued by Chinese Academy Sciences
‣Lifebook Leader by The Lifebook Company


Map Success Inside Out

Map Success Inside Out

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